About Us

I am a single mum of three gorgeous girls, in my forties who has dedicated most of my working life to empowering busy men and women to enjoy health, wellness, happiness, and fitness, to look and feel their best.

As a fully qualified Life Coach, Health, Wellness and Happiness Coach, Neuro-linguistic Program Practitioner and Personal Trainer, I have had the opportunity to develop amazing coaching programs to support peoples health, well being, happiness and fitness goals. To compliment all this, I am currently studying for my  Bachelor of Complementary Medicine!

Recently,  I fulfilled a life long dream and launched the Juice Delivery Program which I envision will become the foundation of the corporate workplace vitality agenda supporting employees’ optimal health, well being, and performance.

Currently the delicious raw, organic and locally sourced cold-pressed juices, Hemp and Almond milk range are delivered across Australia.

Thanking my amazing clients and mates who have encouraged and motivated me to grow my health and well being business from courses, coaching, and workshops to juices.

Why not try one of the courses and juices. Be held accountable for your own transformations and embrace the new you!

My coaching programs can be found on www.positivethoughtslifecoaching.com.

My health and nutrition courses will be available on the Udemy platform soon.

Live Love Health and Wellness

Camilla Hasloch xx

They Say

The Hemp milk is unreal

Alex, NSW

They Say

They are delicious!!! Go girl I am so impressed!

Elle Brown,

They Say

Best juices ever, they are so nutrient dense