Beet Up The Jam!

Red light alert!

Relax and chill whilst the light red. Take this break to get ahead of your health and wellness, with the immunity and inflammation-fighting properties of Red juices.


Beetroot has an impressive nutrient dense profile with low calories! It’s hard to find a vegetable with as many vitamins and minerals! Given the high water content too, Beets are a brilliant aid to supporting weight loss.


Enjoy the powerful anti-inflammatory effects of drinking celery and beetroot in one hit.

Want to improve your performance in the gym or on the field? It’s been proven that consuming beets 2-3 hours prior to training or competing improves oxygen use and time to exhaustion which leads to better performance. This is because they possess a high level of dietary nitrate that improves the efficiency of mitochondria responsible for producing energy in your cells leading to better performance!


Dietary nitrates found in beetroots can also lower blood pressure, by converting to nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels causing blood pressure to drop and the heart to beat stronger.


To get an even bigger punch of rawsome goodness, carrot juice included in our beet range strengthens your immunity, sight, increases your metabolism and your immunity system! What’s not to love about this range!


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