Plant Based Milk Range

It’s not all about juices!

For those wanting an alternative to diary or just feel commercial plant-based milk is a rip off containing mostly water with minimal nuts for goodness and a stack load of artificial sweeteners. This is the range that will change your way of thinking for good!


Our plant-based milk has no added emulsifiers, stabilizers, gellan gums and other extracts such as Quillaja Extract and artificial vitamins

They contain 12% almonds and 10% Hemp – most commercial plant-based milk can use a little as 1.5% Almond or Hemp in their milk!


We also use the best raw almonds and hemp seeds which are locally sourced and soaked for 12-24 hours to activate all the nturients to ring out the nutty flavours.

We never heat pasteurize or homogenize our mlik, we want you to benefit from the Omega 3s and 6s. We crush our milk through our cold press before bottling.

The milk is sent through a high-pressured bath to kill any nasty microbes while keeping the nutrients and flavours intact.


We guarantee you will taste the rawsomeness.

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