The Funky Friday Juices

Funky Friday alert!

This trio makes the whole family smile. Bright colours with vibrant taste to detox your gut, alkalize your body, flush out toxins, destress and increase your blood flow

Fantastic mock or cocktails!

Activated charcoal detoxifies the gut whilst the lemon is a natural alkalizer which kickstarts digestive activities. A wonderful way of curing a hangover or kick-starting your metabolism first thing.

Combat stress and immune weakness with Blue Spirulina, with the added benefits of the fibre from the apple, vitamins and antioxidants from the pineapple.

Boost your blood flow with the dragon fruit and ginger combo, with the added sweetness from the apple.

Dragon fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals including C, B1, B2, B3, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.

They are also a good source of fibre, protein and omega essential fatty acids


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