What is a Juice Fast?

Have you ever wondered what a juice fast is and the reason behind doing one?

They are quick, snap you out of bad habits and allows your body to rid toxins.

So why fast?

A juice fast is an amazing way to “kick start” your body into a different mode. Our bodies are very clever machines :0)

They know how to best adjust their energy expenditure based on their energy consumptions, so a radical change in diet is the best way to wake it up and process differently. During a juice fast pressure is take off your vital organs such as liver, kidneys, bowel, so you give them the ability to naturally self-heal.


But why is fasting important?

It’s proven through research and studies, fasting could help contribute to regenerating new cells in the body to help fight against disease and ageing. One of these studies looked at how prolonged fasting (for a period of 2 to 4 days) not only helped protect the immune system but also helped to induce immune system regeneration in people who had undergone chemotherapy.


How do I start Juicing?

Always ask your doctor first and prepare yourself.

It’s advised that you juice for two days only at the beginning and slowly build up to the three to five days.

We recommend you have six 500 ml bottles a day, preferably using the high vegetable juices with minimal fruits. You can drink water and herbal tea in conjunction with out juices. It’s best you refrain from alcohol and caffeine.


How will you feel?

Bloody amazing!


Will I feel hungry?

Normally no as our juices are nutrient dense.


How can I get started?

Book a free consultation or email annabel@juicedeliveryprogram.com

Order 12 bottles and your order will be delivered the next day.

What are you waiting for?
Happy juicing

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